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Our belief is that both the heart and brain of an organization and teams must be cared for. This allows people to function at their optimal levels. 
Our programs focus on the heart of the business first before turning to the brain of the business. We work closely with you to understand what you are currently up to and where you want to be. Once we understand what's missing or what needs to shift to get from here to there, we thoughtfully design, customize and facilitate programs with those intentions in mind.
These intentions may range from shifting the culture of teams to enabling team members to approach sales as well as business planning sessions with the agreed mindset and desired behaviours.  
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Strategic Awareness Training
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Earl Allan

Earl Allan, Director

My WHY is to create a safe space so that people can be their potential.

I started my career practising law for 4 years in the Litigation Department of Allen & Gledhill. During this time, I had the privilege of working with highly competent people and was exposed to several high-profile cases where I witnessed a spectrum of human behaviours and motivations. 

The adventurer in me then led me to venture into the relatively unchartered and undefined world of digital marketing. I joined a start-up where I discovered and experienced a multitude of organizational and people challenges in growing a business as well as teams. I was also presented with the opportunity to work in 4A creative agencies where I was exposed to a different set of organizational and people challenges.

In the 17 years I was in this space, I held various positions that gave me the opportunity to manage clients (including global brands spanning across a variety of industries) as well as manage and lead projects, teams as well as the organization.

Apart from being in a space that was constantly evolving and growing, one of my career highlights was when I was given the challenge to build remote teams across several regions, cultures, and languages. My experience in successfully doing so combined with my many failures (and learnings) in leading versus managing people, ignited my passion to work with people so that they can be their potential. This involved recognizing the importance as well as the hurdles in enabling and challenging each person to “lead from their seat” and “to explore how they can do things differently”.

Around this time, I also began my mindfulness journey. Through this, I have experienced the positive impact mindfulness has had in my life, especially when I had to make choices under challenging or uncertain circumstances.

The importance of putting PEOPLE FIRST whether leading and managing teams or developing team structures motivated me to be certified as a Team Engagement Coach and subsequently as a PROSCI Change Practitioner. I am also certified as a Mindfulness-Based Strategic Awareness Teacher.

In past few years, I have had the privilege of facilitating workshop for and coaching senior and middle management teams at a local and regional level in, amongst others, the Pharmaceutical, Luxury Fashion & Beauty, and QSR space as well as creating and facilitating workshops for the Law Society of Singapore and the Marketing Institute of Singapore.  
Maisei Loh

Maisie Loh, Mindfulness Coach

I have spent a good part of my life creating content as storytelling was the driver in my choices for work. However, I realised we are not defined by work as there are many challenges we deal with outside of work such as health issues, financial and family planning. This awareness of my own state of mind prompted me to the practice of mindfulness, which grounds and allows me to experience wellbeing I could not find in ordinary pursuits. Mindfulness has helped me embrace and accept difficult challenges to emerge with fresh perspectives and ease within to continuously give direction in my life. I believe that with mindfulness training and support, anyone would be able to thrive and flourish in their work and life. 
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