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The question is:
”How can I be increasingly self-aware and relate to my team members more authentically so that I am can create a team culture that considers our well-being and enables us to flourish amidst the increasing and constant change in the workplace.”
In this workshop, we introduce you to mindfulness (based on MBSAT) and the impact mindfulness has on personal well-being as well as how you may impact or influence the well-being of others in your team.


At the end of this workshop, participants will:​​​
  • Gain an understanding into their wandering minds and the impact it has on them.
  • Experience what being present is.
  • Gain insights into the behaviours that are important to and for them to lead a flourishing team.
  • Be more self-aware of their “Likes, Dislikes, Neutral” and belief system.
  • Uncover the connection between the “Thoughts, Worry & Anxiety”, Options and Personal Well-Being.
  • Experience and gain an understanding of Open Awareness Listening & Speaking.
  • Be more connected to having a Relational Mindset.
  • Uncover the connection between self-awareness, relational mindset, and the Well-Being of those around them.
  • Learn different formal and informal mindfulness practices that they can assimilate into their daily life for different purposes.


  • People who are committed to creating a team culture where the overall well-being of each person is “alive” so that team members can flourish amidst the increasing and constant change in the workplace and in life.


  • Virtual or on-location in client's premises (maximum of 25 participants for optimal interactive learning experience) ​​​
An interactive and experiential workshop based on foundational mindfulness practices (based on MBSAT)that allow participants to gain personal insights based on the experiences of the practices through small and large group discussions taking into consideration the Leadership Circle.
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